My Letter to Susan E. Hinton by Alexis

Dear S. E. Hilton,
Throughout your story The Outsiders I was amazed that such depth and Symbolism was represented by a fifteen year |old girl. It has become apparent to me that at the time Female main characters were not published. I can understand the somewhat struggle to turn your thoughts and troubles into a male perspective. The symbolism of colors showed traits of what Shakespeare did with his plays. Many people know that blue represents sadness and red represents anger but my question to you is how much where you faced with the symbolism of color? How did you use a culture reference of the color blue and make it negative? In many situations blue eyes and blond hair attractive which is a relatively positive trait and you turned blue into a negative color.

A Couple things come to mind when I think of teenage greasers, one being dating girls. So my question is why did you have most of the boys single? If you had the boys dating you could have female traits with it still being a male main character. Why did you have only two rival social groups why not more? I can see an obvious one being that the having two defined groups is easier two relate to, but do you have another in depth idea? Why did you chose to have the socs be more overall violent than the greaser? In closing why did you have Dally die? Doesn’t Johnny have enough suffering and hasn’t he already learned a lesson by having his best friend die? Why did you have to kill off another character? I very much appreciated the fast pace but very creative and enjoyable story. It sparked conversation and tied in overwhelming creativity with in my class.

Your curious reader,


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