Cliques in the 1960s by Eva

the outsiders

In the 60s, there were many adolescent cliques and they were all very different. There were hippies, activists, a greaser or a hood, a social, and many more. Each clique was different and there were good qualities and bad qualities to each clique. In The Outsiders, the main cliques were the greasers and the socials and there was a big rivalry between them.

A hippie believed in freedom, peace and love. They didn’t believe in violence and war. Hippies usually wore flowers or headbands in their long hair, they loved fringe and they all wore a peace symbol somewhere in their outfit. The Women wore skirts or long granny dresses with boots which were usually go-go boots. Men usually grew beards and wore dirty jeans and leather vests. Both women and men wore sandals, beads and rimless granny glasses. Even though hippies also supported hallucinogenic drugs to practice expanding consciousness, they were peaceful people.

Activists participated in movements during the 60s. There were many different types of activists depending on what they protested for. For example there were many activists for civil rights. People participated in sit-ins, marches, boycotts and many more. There were also many activists for the Vietnam War in which North Vietnam was communist and South Vietnam wasn’t. The U.S. didn’t want North Vietnam to win but many people thought that the U.S. shouldn’t even be involved. Women’s rights was another and there were many more. Activists

A greaser or a hood lived on the bad and poor side of town. They greased their hair and usually left it longer. They had to work extra hard to earn money since they were so poor. Greaser men usually wore T-shirts with denim jackets or leather jackets. They also wore either black or blue jeans. Greaser girls usually wore Capri pants, bandanas, fitted shirts, etc. Not all but most greasers jumped people and usually stole stuff. Pony’s gang usually didn’t steal or jump people. They were more about family but Tim Shepard’s gang wasn’t. Tim Shepard’s gang was tough and many people were afraid of them. His gang made it seems like greasers were mean and violent when not all of them are.

A social or soc lived on the rich side of town. They didn’t have to worry about money like greasers did. Soc guys usually wore preppy clothing like buttoned sweaters or madra shirts with khakis. Their hair was clean but and short. Soc girls usually wore blouses or cardigans with longer skirts or dresses. They wore their hair down in curls or up in a ponytail with a ribbon. Socs liked to jump greasers and liked to hang out at drive-ins. Johnny was very scared of socs because they hurt him very bad. The gang found Johnny beat up and bleeding and ever since then, he carried around a blade everywhere he went. The Soc gangs who jumped people made it seems like all socs beat up people when not all did. Most were too cool to feel anything but Randy and Cherry were different.

Some of the cliques there were in the 60s aren’t the same as the ones today. There were many more cliques than I listed but those were just a couple. They were all very different in their own way and that’s what made them unique. S.E. Hinton only used greasers and socials as the main rival groups in her books but there were many more.


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