Does The Outsiders hold up in 2014? by Jared

The novel The Outsiders is a great story but does it have any meaning in today’s life? I believe The Outsiders can completely be related to 2014 children. The characters in the book are very relatable and realistic in terms of their thoughts. They think they are outsiders and they don’t fit in with the majority. In the school I go to there are cliques but no one goes to go beat someone up just because they feel like.

There are many characters in the book that are realistic such as Dally and how much blind fury fills him an example of this is on pg. 24 “You just didn’t tell Dally Winston what to do. One time, in a dime store, a guy told him to move over at the candy counter. Dally had turned around and belted him so hard it knocked loose a tooth. A complete stranger, too” (The Outsiders, S.E. Hinton) but enough about Dally let’s talk about Ponyboy. Ponyboy is emotional internally but tough externally who doesn’t think things through very often which is the typical teenager. I personally like Ponyboy because he likes to find out how things work or what they mean. For example, when he memorized the stay gold poem and he didn’t know what it meant until Johnny told him in the note. I also like his personality which is quiet and kind.

If comparing Ponyboy and modern day students I would say there isn’t much difference because everyone is their own person. Also, Ponyboy is just as much a person as you are except he wears different things then we would where today. That and he has different mindsets since he lives on the streets. An example of his different mindset is Ponyboy agreed with Dally that he should run away and chill in an abandoned church for a few days and then sneak back into society with blond hair so no one will ever realize it’s them.

Cliques and rival cliques don’t really happen today where I go to school. There are cliques but it looks like everyone to gets along. A reason this may be is because of all the adult supervision we get. Without adult supervision there could definite possibility that there would be violence. These different cliques were formed because everyone needed to find a place to fit in. Quite a few students still feel isolated and alone even though they have a clique and friends which is exactly what happened to a few characters throughout the book. For more on this topic go to only read the first page for everything on these topic but feel free to read on for its very interesting.