Greasers Unite! (through feelings) by Medha

S. E. Hinton has the main characters in The Outsiders show many emotions, and some of them were friendship, affection and loyalty. But how did she show them expressing it? Those characters were stereotypical hoodlums, and they were tough. They also didn’t have too much money and were relatively poor. They were called Greasers, and the three main ones were orphaned brothers since their parents died months back. Well, they are definitely friends if the gang (greasers) hung out together, so here’s how.

The greasers were very close, and they were even almost like family! Since their almost the only family they have left for each other, they have to stick together. Soda and Ponyboy always sleep together, since they are brothers, but when Ponyboy and Johnny ran away, they slept together, too. This reminds me of brotherhood for some reason, if they are comfortable enough to sleep together. They also have fun time together, such as playing football, wrestling, and having meals as a group. And since they are all such close friends, they show much affection throughout the course of the story, too.

There are many ways to tell someone you love them, and to keep reminding them that. But a bunch of greasers? Well, the Curtis brothers call each other sweet nick names like Pepsi-Cola for Sodapop, and Little Buddy for Ponyboy. This shows affection because nicknames are like a little code word that’s private between only a few people. Also, all the greasers look out for each other and protect each other from the Socs, a.k.a. the social rich kids. They like to make fun of the greasers and they also like to jump them, and that isn’t good. Also, when a greaser gets hurt their fellow greasers will take to the hospital. For example, when Ponyboy passed out with a fever, Two-Bit ran him to the hospital for care. Otherwise, things could have gotten worse. This also is similar to loyalty, and this is my next topic.

The greasers have to be very loyal to each other, too. If they are not, then they are a bickering bunch of distrustful people, like the Socs. For example, Dally shouldn’t have, but with his broken wrist, he went with his fellow greasers to help them fight at the rumble! This is very loyal because it wasn’t good for Dally’s health to go to the rumble, but he made a noble sacrifice just for his friends. Also, sweet, innocent Johnny killed Bob (a Soc) because Bob was trying to drown Ponyboy in a fountain. When you love your friend, then you’d do anything for them. Even though the Greasers are tough hoods, they have a heart, too.

In conclusion, the Greasers show much friendship, affection, and loyalty during the novel. How? Well, friendship: Everyone in the gang is a true friend to one another. Affection: every greaser loves each other very much and will care for them. Loyalty: every greaser will do anything for one another and help each other. Over all, the greasers show those three traits in their own ways that work for them, and that’s wonderful.


One thought on “Greasers Unite! (through feelings) by Medha

  1. WOW! You really did a good job with describing the characters and how they all connect. You really explained how all the characters stick up for each other. The examples that you in your post were very good, and I really liked it overall!


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