Taking a Glance Back at the 60’s – By Paige

I interviewed my grandma about what it was like back in the 60’s and found it interesting that cliques have always been around and actually learning more about her life. If you look at some of the questions, you can see that I compare it to The Outsiders. Another important event was that there was still a lot of racism and a lot of places were still segregated in that time period and it has impacted society today and something we can all learn from. I was also interested to hear from someone else’s point of view about the 60’s and how it impacted her life and how things have gotten better.

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How old were you in the 60’s? Where did you live?

In the 60’s I was 20 and lived in Georgia.

In The Outsiders, the main character Pony boy has a strong bond with his brothers. Did you have a good relationship with your siblings?

I had a very good relationship with my brothers and sisters and we could always rely on each other and have each other’s backs when the time was needed.

In The Outsiders, who you hung out with and what social class you were from, determined who you were. Did your social class affect who you were around?

Yes it did, and I was not around rich kids. I was around kids that had good mothers and fathers that worked hard that respected all the people and it just made it nice.

What types of cliques did you grow up around and were they the typical cliques that you see today?

The cliques I grew up around were kids that went to school and were learning and some of them had specialties in a lot of subjects. We were all about school and classes.

Were cliques segregated in the 60s? What were the cliques like in school?

The cliques were segregated and you were either one color black or white. All blacks went to one school. You had the typical kids who were really smart, outgoing, talented, etc.

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What were some of the stereotypes in the 60s?

You had a lot of people who were a little on the selfish end and the people who had money other people didn’t like you.

Were you a Soc or a Greaser?

 I was a greaser because that was just how life was. I wasn’t rich and people worked hard, but we were just mediocre people.

In the book, the Socs and Greasers disliked each other and did not get along most of the time. Did all groups of people get along in the 60s?

It was kind of like that between blacks and whites. In the sixties, we had a lot of racism it was kind of bad but it did get better and a lot people did not get along.

What was it like to go to school as an African-American female?

I had an excellent education and was very intelligent for my age, but sometimes I was treated differently because of my race, but most of the time people treated me pretty good.



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