The Importance of Cars in the 60’s by Max

Mustangs, Sting Rays, Corvairs… all cars from the 60’s, these classic roadsters were driven by the best of the best. in S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders used these to show character traits. What better way to show wealth then to drive down the street in a chrome plated piece of art. These cars did not just transport people. It exhibited wealth and authority over the public. To the Soc’s these cars were the difference from the west and the north side.


The monstrous 390hp ford mustang was a beast on the road. The aggressive design is backed up by its snarling v8 engine and impressive handling. Even by today’s standards this car is no joke. I can assure you that anyone who drives up in one of these, they mean business. The cars targeted audience were the toughest people on the road. The aggressive look would send chills down anybody’s spine. The car quickly took on a reputation for being a masculine motor head. This is why it was a no brainer for bob and his crew to choose this car.

The Sting ray, this futuristic looking beauty went into production in 1963. Tearing up the rode with an impressive 365hp. This speed and agile image gave this car known as zippy and stylish. The elegant body design and the sleek coloring gave this car a fancy persona. Thus why many women of the higher classes drove around town in one of these. You were known all around town if you owned one. This was Cherry’s ride of choice. It was stylish and fast.


Grab your friends and hop into the amazing Chevy Corvair. This car was made as a late night cruiser and it did its job very well. The turbo charged 8 cylinder engine brought the speed but the soft top convertible shell brought the style. You would be proud to even dream of being seen in one of these. This stylish car would complement a cool and laid back personality

Cars were not just a fashion statement it was a Identity. The car you had was just as informative as the hair on your head. Whether it was the aggressive look of the mustang or the graceful agility of the Stingray you will always find them in characters as well. Such as cherry and bob. These machines was more than just a cars in the story.



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