How I relate to Soda by Kelly


I Most relate to Soda Pop because I have an older sibling and a younger sibling, just like Soda.  I understand the frustration of having an older sibling, just like how soda got frustrated with Darry being so hard on pony.  My older brother joey and I are very close, but he can get annoying when he acts like he knows everything.   I also understand how it feels to have a younger sibling. Being protective over them, or getting annoyed with them.  My little sister Katie and I are close too, but she is extremely antagonistic and annoying, like little siblings are supposed to be.

The bond you have with an older sibling is completely looking up to them. Also looking to them for advice, and watching them and seeing how they react to certain situations so you can do the same.  I am always learning from my older siblings.  I tell my older brother Joey everything. I tell him things I’m upset about, what’s going on at school, what I had for lunch, he is my best friend and biggest supporter. Pony always I also Relate to being stuck in the middle, literally and metaphorically. Also how it can seriously suck.  Sometimes you feel like you have to choose sides when you really don’t want to, or even know that you shouldn’t.  Like when Darry and Pony were fighting and Soda got super frustrated because he felt like there was nothing he could do to help either of them.  I also relate to always giving advice when I can. I hate seeing people upset especially if I know there is something I could do to help that.  I want everyone to be happy because that makes me happy. I feel like Soda is the same way.  When Pony Boy Was jumped by the socs Soda was compassionate and made pony feel a lot better. In fact, Soda is always there for Pony to make him feel better.

Although Joey isn’t as bossy as Darry and Katie isn’t as intellectual as Pony, I can see similarities in our relationships compared to the three brothers.  However I see more differences than anything, in the story the Outsiders Pony and Darry are always disagreeing but Joey and Katie get a long great. I think in general my siblings and I get along a lot better than most siblings.  I’m glad about that too.


The Outsiders 6 Word Memoir

An innocent must be completely innocent. – Gigi

Being a pack isn’t being family. – Eva

Family by heart, conquering their fears. – Medha

Always see the Gold in Life. – Sanjeevani

Ponyboy is not the only outsider. – Max P.

Diverse yet the same but Family – Justin

Wealth or poverty still need love. – Jared

Thoughtless, reckless, endless hours of pleasure. – Bella

Growing up too fast from experiences. – Paige

Friends are life. Friends are love. – Alexis

Soda and I like helping others.- Kelly