by Sanjeevani

The article, “Parents, You’re Not Doing Your Kids Any Favors by Being “Cool”’ is about the bad effects and consequences of being the cool mom or dad.

I agree with this article because it can lead to bad things, such as using technology way too much, have coffee at a young age, being not purposefully mean to people and having the same opinion as your kids, for instance, if your child said, ‘I don’t like her, she’s fat.’ Would you play the mom card and say ‘That’s not nice. You should talk to her and see if she is nice or not to be able to say that you don’t like her. Even if you don’t you keep it to yourself.’ Or would you play the cool mom card and say ‘Yeah, me neither, stay away from her, because I heard she…’ and so on.

I also disagree because having your mom as a friend can be very good and have benefits too. If you were crying about a problem, and you had to tell an adult, wouldn’t you choose the parent closest to you? As in, you cool mom or dad…? With your cool mom or dad it isn’t awkward for them to be around your friends. You have genuine bonding time, and get along, I think that this type of relationship will have little fights.

To get to the point, I think that your parent should be a mix of both, having fun with your child, but be the parent when you draw the line.