Parents Being “Cool” by Kelly

After I read the Article “Parents Your Not Doing Your Kids Any Favors by Being “Cool”” By Andrew Reiner I looked at everyday things my parents do in a whole different way.  The Article plays with the Idea that being your kids best friend, wanting to stay young or keep in-the-know about the latest trends, such as Pumpkin Spice Lattes or wearing Lulu Lemon, is a sign of insecurity.  It’s almost like looking for validation from your children.

Within my family’s walls, my parents enjoy laughing, and talking, and joking around with us, and they especially like to embarrass us.  If asked though, I would defiantly say my parents are VERY cool.  I didn’t this was a bad thing though until reading this article.  The little things such as taking me to Starbucks, talking about a certain celebrity, or certain music didn’t bother me, and still doesn’t.  I still think my parents are cool, I guess I just wonder if the reason they at so cool around me isn’t because they are just like that, it’s because they are looking for validation from me and my siblings.  I’d like to be able to say affirmatively that my parents are cool without even trying to be.  But the article has some good points about every day scenarios that seem a little fishy. What are my parents trying to accomplish by being cool?


4 thoughts on “Parents Being “Cool” by Kelly

  1. I like the points you brought up, Kelly! Do You think your parents are really trying to be cool though? Or is their “coolness” just their personality? Great job!


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