100 Words 1,000 Questions by Alexis

Alexispage1 copy Alexispage2 copy Alexispage3 copy Alexispage4_0001 copy Alexispage5 copy Alexispage6 copy Alexispage7 copy Alexispage8 copy Alexispage9 copy Alexispage10 copy Alexispage11 copy Alexispage12 copy Alexispage13


3 thoughts on “100 Words 1,000 Questions by Alexis

  1. I enjoyed this piece because it was very relatable. We all had to change schools at some point, which makes this topic very unique. The drawing we excellent and easy to follow. The text was drowned with meaning, and the tone was excellent. Constantly battling a learning disability myself, this piece really hit home. Nice job, Alexis!


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