Not cool, parents… by Medha

In Parents, you’re not doing your kids any favors by being “cool” , the author, Andrew Reiner, talked about how some parents want their kids to think that they are cool, just so that their kids will like them better. He also talked about how this isn’t good for the kids, either because it encourages bad behavior. But, his main message is: “Parents, be lame and be proud”.

An example of his bad behavior is that in order for parents to be their child’s BFF, they have to give in to them, and let them have what they want. Such as; buying their teen daughter Starbucks drinks whenever they want it. This isn’t good for their child’s future, or whatever they are doing right now because they need to learn their life lessons, and by giving in, that’s doing the exact opposite.

So, parents, are you doing this with your kids? Because if so, your kid probably hasn’t learned a thing about how they should act during adulthood; they will just be a brat for life. Now, do you want that? Or, will you listen to Andrew Reiner?


6 thoughts on “Not cool, parents… by Medha

  1. I liked how you gave examples and evidence of why parents shouldn’t act cool. I also liked how you tied in a bit of your own opinion on the topic. Your ending sentence was very strong.


  2. I like how you gave an example of bad behavior from the parents. Your sentences were well written and had a bunch of examples. Nice job!


  3. I thought this was well thought out and well written. I also liked how you gave an example of bad behavior. Also I liked the structure of the thing was written.


  4. First of all your titled is wonderful! Another thing I really liked in how your last paragraph had a look of questions. It really makes the reader think out what you are saying. Great job!


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