Opinion of Andrew Reiner’s Article by Jared

In an article written by Andrew Reiner I come to think it’s bad that parents try to act like children when they are supposed to act more mature to be a good influence for when their children grow up someday. If the parents put a bad influence on their children to be exactly the same throughout their whole lives then eventually many children will grow up to be exactly as they were when they were younger.

The parents that stay children are the ones that  still think they’re in a “school” environment. The parents are always looking for the approval of their children so that they are liked and they don’t have to ever be hated or disliked. All these parents want to do is do what is hip or cool at a specific moment. An example of this is if a child is drinking coffee and they ask for double expresso shots into their coffee a responsible parent might so “No that is very bad for you” where as a parent caught up in the opportunity to be best friends with his/her child would say “Yeah sure! Go for it!” All in all I don’t think it is right for parents to act like or be best friends with a child or else they will never be mature!