Parents being “cool?” by Alexis

As any other teenager I thought of myself as I read the article Parents, You’re not Doing your Kids any Favors by being “Cool” by Andrew Reiner and how my life is effected by my parents. The article explained that a lot of parents try to be “cool” when it comes to their kids. But they aren’t cool they are just being cruel.

I whisper to myself, ”My parent never did that!” As I read about the true ignorance of these parents. Some things that popped in my mind were “Something is truly wrong with the adults who try to fool themselves by acting like a teenager”. All this just for the validation from their 13-17 year old child.

Parents need to set boundaries for their children not join them in their unnecessary and cruel rants about teacher or other classmates. Personally I look from validation from my parents not the other way around.

When parents start talking to me and start using the words lame, hipster, swag and yolo I will be honest I start to tune out completely. The point is that parents are adults at that point and have gone through some sort of trauma to make them more mature. I Say to all those parents out there that search for expectance from their child GROW UP!



2 thoughts on “Parents being “cool?” by Alexis

  1. I completely agree with you! It is totally weird when parents start to try and act cool and I think it will just hurt kids in the long run. Good jo,b Alexis! (Also, great title!).


  2. You really drove the point home on that one. I completely agree with you in that if lame, hipster, swag and yolo were heard anywhere in my house, I would just leave. Great job!


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