Parents Your not doing your Kids a Favor by being Cool by Bella

In the article Parents You’re not Doing your Kids a Favor for being Cool by Andrew Reiner, a parent was saying rude and inappropriate comments about someone else just to keep their child happy and to not be the adult and explain to them what is right. For example the kid was talking about the weight of her teacher and laughing about it. Instead of the parent telling her child to stop and teaching them a lesson she laughed along with them. The article also states that parenting methods have changed over the years. It states that more parents are trying to act “cool” to not get their child upset like it’s a popularity contest. Do you believe parenting methods are changing to try to keep their child happy?

I believe this article is true because parenting methods have been changing over the years however some parents do not overstep their boundaries. In my house my parents try to embarrass me a lot and try to be goofy but they know their boundaries. They know how the time and place which to have fun and parent us. Of course they like to have fun but they don’t intentionally make fun of someone or say a mean comment. Some parents know how to balance fun and parenting lessons at the same time while other don’t.

Also there is a huge difference of having fun and not harming anyone while being rude and joking around. Making fun of someone should not be a way of having pleasure to yourself. You should be able to find a way to enjoy yourself and your friends without harming anyone. Any parent or child that gets pleasure to themselves by being mean to others is not the right way. That usually means they have a problem, nothing to do or insecurity about themselves.

Overall parenting has really changes over the years but you need to remember that there are different ways of being cool then to hurt or make fun of someone else.