In The Face of Giants By:Finale

The girl stood giving herself a pep talk,

“You’re good at defending, she whispered to herself, “Just concentrate on that.”

As soon as the play started it was as though she was playing in the spotlight of a pitch black gym, only the others on the court existed. Suddenly she found herself, as if by magic, with the ball, and her earlier fantasies of just defense were put to flight. Half panicked, she looked around for an open teammate and found everyone, including herself, defended. She forced herself to drop the ball from her hand and step forward, acutely aware that every bounce put the ball in a position of peril. The giant crowding her reeked of sweat that reminded her of the determination she knew both teams had.

Finally the girl passed the ball to her now open teammate in the white and green and noticed that her teammate was in position to jeopardize the basket’s sense of serenity. The attention on the court was on the ball. The girl’s teammate jumped and shot. The ball went up… and up… and up… spiraling through the air for what seemed like an eternity, before it finally plunged downward, hitting the backboard with a thwack and ricocheting through the orange hoop below.

Finally the girl heard the screams of the fans and the players’ families. She took only a moment to feel pride in her assist before she was off, her duty to her team never forgotten.


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