The Best Time By: Matthew

Last year I had a six minute eight second mile. That was until four days before the school year was over.  That was the day that I got my best mile.  It was 70 degrees out and blue skies and low humidity. I went outside and there was a mild breeze and one little cloud in the sky.  I climbed up the little hill to get to the track and sat down to stretch.  The track was damp from the sprinklers in the morning.  There was the fresh cut grass smell in the air.  As a looked around there was the field in the middle of the track.  My school went through the trouble to cut the grass every day no apparent reason.  Sitting on the wet track I first stretched my legs and then stretched out my ankles.  When I stood up to do some warm up activities I noticed that my shorts were damp from the wet track. I got the chills from my wet shorts.  Then I did two twenty yard sprints and two sets to but kicks and two sets of karaoke.  I then walked over to the starting line for the one mile run.  That was the longest walk over to the starting line that I had ever taken.  Even though the distance to the starting spot didn’t change.  So many thoughts rushed through my mind.  On that long walk the thoughts that ran through my mind were.  Ho fast do I need to run, do I need long strides, I hope I don’t slip on the wet track.  All the things to think of and what not to do.  The most important thing that I was thinking of was my breathing.  I needed to keep my berths with my strides and to stay chill. By then I had walked like ten feet past the starting line and I needed to get my head in the game.

I went back to the starting line and my gym teacher yelled go.  I was off I had a very fast pace to start out with which I knew would kill me in the end.  Within the first fifty yards I was trying to doge goose poop that was on the track every morning and by the end of the day it was gone.  I think it just ended up on all the kids’ shoes and that is how it disappeared.  When I had completed one of six laps I was about ten seconds ahead of the time I had to get for each lap.  As I was running all I could think of was I need to beat my best and by the second lap I was thinking too much and I needed to pay more attention to the running side of things.  As I was coming around the first bend on my second lap the wind hit me right in the face.  I felt like I was dragging a weight behind me.  I was not going to let this slow me down so I just had to push harder and that I did pushing harder just drained my energy more and more. By the time I had finished the third lap I was one second behind this was not going to put my determination to rest I just had to try even harder.

By the time I had finished my fourth lap I was three seconds behind. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong and then I noticed.  It was my strides they were short and with my long legs that is one good thing I have going for me.  By the time I had noticed this I had already completed half of my fifth lap and my energy was getting low.  I only had a lap and a half left to go to make up time by the end of my fifth lap I was four seconds behind.  I needed to find some energy and sprint my last lap and that I did.  When I got to the first bend I noticed that the wind had stopped and in the background I heard my gym teacher cheering for me.  I had real long strides and I was breathing deeply.  When I got to half I heard my gym teacher yell out the time he said “five minutes thirty seven seconds.”  That meant that I needed to pick up the pace. When I was at half I lost feeling in my feet. Well actually my legs as well and I just had to put my head to it.  All I need to do was finish the race and get my time.  I had come too far to be a couple of seconds behind my best.  So in those last thirty one seconds I had to get my best.

Those last twenty five seconds went by so fast it was unreal.  I can hardly even remember them. When I crossed I was so relived. That I can’t even explain it. But I knew that I had got my best before he had said it out loud. He said “his time was six minutes and two seconds” and that is when I wished I was faster.  It would have been nice if I was 3 seconds faster so I could have been in the fives.  But the two or three minutes after the race I can’t remember.  I had closed my eyes and laid down on a hill next to the benches.  But I don’t know why I laid down on the wet grass when I could have sat on a dry bench.  When I opened my eyes I saw the blue sky with that one cloud in the sky that was now in front of the sun and the warmth of the sun had gone away.

I then had to get up to go inside which was the most painful part of it all.  My feet, legs, knees, ankles, and hips all ached. When walking inside all I wanted was water but the drinking fountains outside were still shut off from the winter. My throat was so dry and I was getting dizzy because I was getting dehydrated. When I opened the doors that lead into the gymnasium the air-conditioned air hit me it felt so refreshing and woke me up.  I rushed to the drinking fountain as fast as I could considering how tired I was.  After the long drink I went into the locker room to change. My gym close were full of sweat and I had to peel them off of me. When I got to put on clean close it was so refreshing. The best part was that gym was the last class of the day and that I could go home and chill out.  When I got home I went straight to the cough and watched some TV and found my-self falling asleep.  That next day I was so sour but was feeling so much better than yesterday.


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