The Boxer by DR

It was a regular night in summer, it was almost back to school. Like most kids I hadn’t finished my summer reading yet. My boxing experience all started with a mouth guard I had bought from the school store. I was about to go to bed but before that I picked up the mouth guard.

My mom asked “do you want to box or something?”

I jokingly said “yes”.

The next couple of days my mom researched boxing clubs and boxing the sport, she called the boxing clubs that sounded the most interesting. My adventure started as soon as a walked into the boxing club. I remember meeting a man named Joe as soon as a walked into the boxing club. I took a private lesson with him just to get a feeling of what the boxing club was like. After the lesson he gave my mom more information about the club and the prices. I just wanted to start training.

After seeing the iconic boxer Rocky Balboa played by Sylvester Stallone, I was inspired and more importantly motivated to get off the couch and do something for myself, make a title, something like that. I remember a very meaningful and touching quote:

“If you know what your worth, then go out and get what your worth”

There were many more bold and fascinating quotes, but this quote stuck with me. I had always been a little shy and never wanted to be the lead role in something. I never wanted to be in a play or be the first man offense side in soccer, and sometimes I didn’t want to raise my hand in class because I was scared to get something wrong and look even more of what people would think.

After watching Rocky, reading his quote, and even starting to train with Joe lots of the annoyance of reluctance and shyness slowly went away.

Training with Joe was great especially when he was around, a month into boxing. He was promoted to manager of the boxing club. The meant he had a lot more responsibilities to the company, and I knew that meant sacrificing responsibilities other places.

After seeing Joe like three to four times a week for about a month, the sessions were cut down to only two a week, I was still happy I got to train with him, but I was still needing something else to build my body, because seeing a personal trainer only two times a week for about an hour each session is not going to build a strong body.

I finally decided to train a lot on my own and started training with weights. After training with Joe for two times a week and training a lot on my own felt more physically and mentally fit. After two months said I was getting really good and that he saw lots and lots of improvement.

After a while I could really feel the hardship mentally and physically in boxing or in my own training, it sometimes hurt and sometimes I even wanted to quit, but I remembered that it was changing me for the better. I learned and am still learning to this day that anything is possible if you try and give it a chance.

I felt better about myself and life. I had to ask him the question of:

“When am I going to start sparring?”

Joe said something along the lines of I think you’re improving, but I don’t think your quite ready for fighting yet. He also reminded me he promised my mom that he wouldn’t put me in the ring if he didn’t think I was one hundred percent ready.

After all most three months of working with Joe, I stopped not because I wanted to stop. It was because the company had different views and a different future, and there were lots of complications.

He was forced to start teaching the fitness classes at the boxing club, instead of what he wanted to do most which was actually train people how to box. Unfortunately for him, the fitness classes were not actually boxing, it was just a regular fitness class and the style of it was boxing.

My mom kept researching boxing gyms, after the first week she found one have very good online reviews. So the next night we came to see it. I meat a trainer named Andy, it looked nice and felt okay, but it was a group class and it was really far away from my house and my mom was just not willing to drive me out fifty miles to that boxing gym. So that boxing gym was mainly out of the picture.

About a month and a half after seeing the group class boxing gym, Joe called and said he really wanted to train me, and said I will try to make it work. We’ll it did but with one minor change, Joe would come to my house and train me on my own time.

I am still really motivated and inspired by the Rocky movies, and it doesn’t hurt to watch one now and then. Whenever I get in front of a boxing bag or think of boxing I will always remember the Rocky Balboa quote: “if you know what your worth then go out and get what your worth”. Boxing has really changed the way I think and feel about myself, and has changed my life for the better. To this day I still train and hope to one day be my own boxing champion.



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