The Game by Maggie

The gym was loud. It was in the middle of nowhere. The area was called Afton, but I wasn’t sure what it’s even by. Parents cheering for their kid’s sports teams. The score was 15 to 22. I was next up to serve, I was feeling nervous because I didn’t think I was that good of a server, but I had to do it. I used the anger I felt from events from that and the previous day to help get the serve over. The drama from the day before was so unnecessary, but I knew if I didn’t use the anger, I wouldn’t have gotten the serve over. I heard parents cheering either for their kids’ team, or parents trying to yell tips on how to “prepare” for the serve.

“You got it!” a few of my teammates’ parents yelled.

The referee blew the whistle, and then I served. It went over, and we volleyed for maybe a minute. Then one of the teammates from the opposing team attempted to bump the ball, but the ball went the opposite way of the net. Then I served again, and the same thing happened. Next thing I knew I was serving for the 7th time, and one of the girls on the other team tried to spike, but the ball went straight to the floor on their side of the court instead of ours. The score was now 24 to 22. In other words, game point. I felt even more nervous because I wasn’t sure if I could get this serve over, or if they would hit the ball hard and get it back over the net.

“You got it!” a few of my teammate’s parents yelled again.

“You can do it!” my parents shouted.

”Use all your power” one parent screamed.

Right before the referee blew the whistle. I saw my coach mouth to me the words “overhand serve it”. I had never been a good over hand server, always better at underhand. I don’t have enough power because I’m small. It’s nothing I can really control. All I could do was practice. But I knew I had to. I really hoped I would get it over because it was game point. Then I looked at the team right before I served. I bounced the ball to get ready to serve.

“You can do it” I told myself.

Then I looked up at my parents all the way across the court. They smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up. I chuckled then bounced the ball again. Then referee blew the whistle. I noticed that they weren’t in the right position, just talking to each other, and standing straight up. I tossed the ball up in the air and I hit the ball. I had never hit the ball so hard. The other team stopped talking and saw the ball when they heard their coach yelling at them. But they were too late to go in “ready” position and make it the ball. Then the ball went straight to the ground.

I did it! I got my serve over and I had won the game. I was so ecstatic, I couldn’t stop smiling. I was so proud of myself, and I knew I made my entire team, and my family proud. Immediately all of my teammates ran up to me to congratulate me, but coach got our attention back to congratulate the other team. After we all ran to the net to shake hands with the other team and say “good game” everyone ran to their parents. I ran to the other side of the court to my parents. My parents hugged me. It was pretty obvious to tell how proud of me that they were. I couldn’t stop smiling. I was still surprised the over hand serve went over. Then my I got snapped out of my thoughts when everyone ran up to congratulate me.

“Congratulations honey” my parents told me. Then before we walked out to go get dinner my teammates and their parents came up to me to congratulate me.

“Good job!” four parents said to me.

“Great serves!” A few parents told me.

“Keep it up kiddo for the next game!” 3 other parents said. Then the coach came up to congratulate me.

“Great job! I told you that you could serve it overhand, if you use enough power.

She hugged me and then I left the gym with my parents. Everyone was so proud of me and I couldn’t wait for practice on Monday to keep practicing my serves. And I couldn’t wait until the next game to serve and hopefully win the next game.


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