The Lot a Luv Terror by: Elijah

It was a very cloudy day with 100% of rain, I was in the sky blue painted, 4 Year Old Room right across the hall from the Pre-K Room and Lot a Luv day care center.  At the time I really didn’t care that it was going to rain, as a matter of fact I kind of liked rain so there was really no problem. Until I heard a crash of thunder and I got scared.  My teacher had told me to stay calm and everything will be ok, but it didn’t work. I told her I wanted my mom and to go home, so she called my mom. But there was no answer. So I sat there and put my head down and tried not to think about the storm.

My teachers turned on the local news to see what was going on in the cubicle with the TV in it.  I couldn’t really understand what the weather man was saying.  Then she and my other teacher got an alert on her phone. The alert read… “There is a severe thunderstorm in the STL area find shelter now! Stay away from doors and windows.  Find shelter now!” After I read that alert I lost it, it went to screaming, crying, then to again screaming. My teacher asked me to be quiet. I didn’t listen then she TOLD me to be quite. I didn’t listen, she finally asked me if I wanted to go to my aunt who was the “Principal” to make me feel better I said yes.

We got there and Aunt Burns was watching the news on her T.V. “Hi!” Aunt Burns said.  “Elijah is having trouble with the storm and he would like to stay in your office.” Aunt Burns laughed and said. “I can’t have an Elijah stay in my office for something as silly as a storm, but if you would like Elijah I can call your mom if you want.” I said ok and Ms. Tasha and I went back to the classroom.  We I got back I checked to see if the storm had settled down, but when I had got to the window the lights started to flicker… A few seconds later they were out I got super scared and all the other kids did too.  My teachers said to once again stay calm but this time they were talking to the entire class. Some students calmed down and others didn’t, I was one of the students who didn’t calm down, and the worst part was that all my friends had left and gone home which made even worse.

20 minutes went by and the lights were still turned off and the storm was still getting worse.  I was still scared with the other kids and screaming, suddenly there was ringing in my ear I really didn’t know where it was coming from with all the crying and screaming. I listened closely and the noise sounded familiar. A few moments later Ms. Tasha yelled out “go to the bathroom!” I finally realized that it wasn’t a ringing it was the tornado sirens.  Ms. Tasha told us to pray and we will be ok, everyone prayed including Ms. Tasha and Ms. Shantay. The sirens went off and were directed to be seated by Aunt Burns.  Another kid and I named Raunel lost it and started to run around the classroom like crazy people.  Our teachers told us to sit down but we refused, and started to climb on the old wooden cubies that had a red stain on it from me spilling Cool-AID earlier that month.  Ms. Shantay yelled and told us to get down… but it wasn’t until the third time we got down. She said we had a time out and couldn’t get up until we were told.  So Raunel and I sat down and in the two burgundy chairs in the corner by the fish tank.  Raunel sat down and said he wanted to take one of the fish in the tank home, and told me to pinky swear not to tell the teacher. And of course I told on him. Raunel got furious and started to kick Ms. Shantay and said that “I was going to regret what I did”.

By that time his mom was there. She was wearing high heels and lots of make-up and smelled like Steak n Shake, she reminded me of a clown in one of those scary haunted houses. Ms. Shantay told the lady what her son had did and the lady got and started to curse out Ms. Shantay for saying her kid was causing trouble.   Right behind her was my dad and I was so relieved to see him, because it looked like the storm was getting weaker.

Unexpectedly my dad walked me outside and said to stay calm and everything will be okay.  Ms. Shantay also let the other kids go outside but they looked completely fine with it and started to play on the monkey bars and the swing set.  The thing that really made it crazy is that it was lightning outside and the kids were playing on medal objects.  While I was banging on doors so someone could let me in, but my dad said stop and calm down.  He had told me that storm aren’t that bad and you’ll be fine but I didn’t listen and just kept crying and screaming.

10 minutes later Ms. Shantay opened the door and said “now see that wasn’t so bad”. I gave her a stank look and walked away. She laughed and said I’ll see you tomorrow.


The End.


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