The Unnoticed by Owen

The playground. Rough mulch under your feet. The clouds gray from up above. A place for freedom after long hours of work. For some kids this is worse than the dreadful hours of class. The playground is so big teachers would never know what is really happening. It stretched over half a mile and had a turn near the beginning of the playground that could not be seen because of the brick wall. As the popular boys walk around to see who wants to test them. That day no one did approach them out of fear. So they decide to pick on the weak ones. They approach a small and weak kid with no one else around. He looks the arriving group to get his act together so he does not get himself hurt. As the group of kids gets closer more tension arises and he starts to shake. They start talking to the boy, laughing saying what they could do to him. They are about a foot away until they start messing with. Calling him all these despicable names. As they say more the anger builds up and rises and rises till he blows. They boy stands up, with his face tight and frustrated say.

“Shut up before I hurt you” He says with a shaky voice.

“What are you gonna do to me” says what looks like the leader because of how much more intimidating he looks.

Using all the frustration and anger in every body he hits the bully straight to the chest. The bully barely moves from the punch.

“Is that all you got?” says the bully, as the boy starts to shake and his eyes watering up.

The bullies starts to surround him in with no way out. He tries to scream, but the giant lump in his throat stop him from making a peep. The leader goes up and grabs him by the neck and holds him up to a brick wall. As the air leaves his boy he flails his arms and legs at him but is just out of reach. As the four other bullies wait, they start to get bored. So they go up to the choking the boy and start to hit him with what feels like hand cannons to the chest. As more air escapes his body he starts to bruise all over his chest. “Do you want more, tough guy.” As they wait in silence to hear an answer, he can’t speak from the lack of air. As the bully grow impatient the leader says. “I don’t hear a no.” As the boys laugh out of joy to continue the vicious beating. Then, to finish him off they smash my head into the rough brick wall as he heard a crack. At that moment he feels the cool slick blood slide down his neck and onto his back. Knowing I was done they threw him onto the blacktop that scraped his elbows. As he caught his breath he tried to yell from the excruciating pain, but he could not even make a squeak. As the boys walk away, he can’t make a move, can’t do a thing. As the light of day through the gray clouds shines on him he starts to slowly close his eyes. He tries to keep his eyes open, but his body closes his eyes, and as his eyes start to shut all he can see gets darker and darker till what he can see in nothing at all. His soul starts to drift away from his body and gets lost forever.

As the kids go to lunch nobody knows what happened to this boy. As the teachers go inside without a clue. A half-hour went by for lunch and his lifeless corps sits there with now one going to help him. It was almost like he wasn’t there to begin with, like he was invisible to the world. His next class, Science, was about to start and even after the teacher knowing that he is not there, he doesn’t care enough to look for him. English goes by, still no one notices. But, History is where it all changed. His favorite class and teacher was History. This teacher is the only person at this school that knows he exists. The teacher starts to take rollcall for the class and is the first and only teacher to notice he is not in any class. The teacher walks out of his door to go to the stern principle. As he walks down the rigged hallways, he comes up with scenarios of what could have happened to him. As he thinks of these dark scenarios he gets worried, and starts to walk faster as if he knows he is in danger. As the teacher almost falls into the principal’s office because of how fast he was running. His face is red as a tomato because of how much he was worrying. He just stands there for a moment, breathing heavily as sweat drips down his face.

“Where is Justin.” The teacher almost screams as if he was panicking.

“I don’t know. Who is Justin?” The confused principal says.

“He is a short brown haired kid with brown eyes.” The teacher says it quickly.

“I’ll have people look for him if it would make you feel better.” The principal says with a little concern.

As two of teachers without a class look, they find nothing. As they look outside they see a small boy resting with a red t-shirt. They run as fast as their legs can carry them, but as they get closer, and closer they start to worry more and more just like the history teacher. As they rush to the small boy’s side they see he was not breathing and he was not wearing a red t-shirt, he just had a blood stained shirt. The teachers start to cry and panic at the same time. Not knowing what to do they pick up the small bloody child and start walking the long playground to the principal’s office. As they carry the boy through the halls a crowd of questioning kids start to follow. By the time they get to the principal’s office there are fifty puzzled people. As they go in the office the room goes silent. No one makes a move for a whole minute. Not knowing what to do the principle makes an announcement.

“We need to be calm and quick about this situation.” The principal says.

“I’ll call 9-1-1.” Says one of the teachers.

It takes ten long minutes for the ambulance to arrive at the front of the building. As two men run to the boy, they notice that is already over. So the two men slow do and say quietly, “He’s dead, I’m sorry.” He grabs the boy and slowly walk away. If only someone noticed. If only someone cared.


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