The Waterskis By: Micah

My first time I put on those skis I knew I wanted to be able to do this for the rest of my life. I was at North Star Camp for my first summer there and I was having the best time of my life and made so many friends that I will cherish forever. I was at camp trying to get up on water skis and it was my first time ever. A kid who was in pine manor and had been there since he was 8 and was now 15. His name was Judd and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t of gotten up on water skis. I got into the water I felt the cold rush of lake water rush up my body. The chill itself was exhilarating, I got on the red malibu, the boat that was everyone favorite and once I tried on my first time I realized it was the hardest to ride on. I kept trying and everyday I went I got slightly better everyday. I told myself every time I hurt myself when I fell down or I didn’t think I had enough time I told myself you can do this Micah. I got back in the water cold or warm day I still did what I had and wanted to do.

It was the last two weeks of camp when I started water skiing. I didn’t know how to do it at all I had to accomplish this because it was always a goal of mine to learn water skiing. I wish I live somewhere were I could do it every week or so. I Was in the water and they let Judd get into the boat so he could teach me how to get up on water skis. He said bend your knees hold on to the rope and act like you are sitting down in a seat. He also said let the boat pull you up and say hit it when you want us to speed up. I was so excited but also scared then I just said HIT IT. The boat pulled me up but I got half way there until I fell and both of my skis fell off and I got a face full of water. I was like, “Ohhh, my gosh!” I didn’t know what happened but I looked around for the boat and my skis I swam to the skis and then with them I went to the boat I threw the skis to the people inside the boat and I swam to it and pulled myself into it. I got into the boat and smiled then started laughing uncontrollably. It was at that moment I knew I wanted and needed to get up on skis.

I woke up that morning feeling really good I went to go and brush my teeth. I hadn’t been feeling 100% ever since I got out of the health center but today I knew I was completely over my sickness. They had my favorite for breakfast bagels and they tasted so good. I went to my cabin and cleaned up my area and did my job which was sweeping. I left for the water ski shack where I waited for the boats to glide in. I heard the malibu first then the ski natique then the mastercraft. I was let in first I got my skis and my life jacket. I had a really good feeling even feeling cocky. I got in the water and let my body get loose and screamed hit it. The boat jerked my body forward but I was determined to not let go. I leaned back and remembered everything Judd had told me but in fast motion. Before I knew I was standing up. Little did I know getting up was the first big test of many. The malibu had a shorter rope so they had a less wide but taller wake. Wake is the waves on the side of you that the boat’s motor makes. I kept riding over the waves and every time I hit one my body wanted to fall and I kept bouncing and hitting the water but I never let go. I was a minute and a half into a three minute run and I fell. I felt a lot better though I finally got it.

I kept doing my water skiing till the end of camp and I was still having fun with my friends and still getting to know more people. I had made a name for myself because I had gotten up in only a week and half and apparently that is quick so I was like okay. I made it to the end of my thirty day experience and eager for thirty more next summer. It finally was over sad but excited I loved my experiences and my friends there but I wanted to see my family again and my dogs so much. As soon as I got home I told everyone my experiences and how much I wanted to do it again. I told them that next year I want to do more water skiing, try wake boarding and after that I want to drop and slalom ski. I was ready for another big challenge and I know it was ready for me.


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