Child Hunger: One of America’s Biggest Problems by Kobi

In the north county area of the metropolitan area of St. Louis, Mo poverty is a big issue because poverty doesn’t just effect St. Louis financially but it also effects in school districts in the area such as: Jennings, Hazelwood, Ferguson-Florissant, Normandy, and Riverview Gardens. According to, STL Today than 1.1 million children in Missouri and Illinois qualify for a free or reduced-price lunch during the school year.


In Riverview School districts there is an unfair balance between the elementary/middle schools and to the high school. The majority of the high school students can pay for their school Summer school lunch programlunches, the free breakfast and lunch is provided but very few of the kid actually use it. Compared to the younger students that can’t legally work to pay for lunch even if they wanted to. Riverview Gardens is a district with poverty so high that they had schools serve free lunches during the school year to every child.

Since there isn’t a lot of money coming into the district I believe that they should fund better lunches, which are cheap, frozen meals that come in a black plastic container that is put into a stove to be heated up. Also, the meals have to be delivered every day because some of the schools don’t have a proper kitchen or have a freezer to put the meals so there is one person that heats up all of the meals.

These school districts have addressed this problem head on, by providing breakfast and lunch during the summer because the only meals that the students may have are at school. During the summer, only about 14 percent of low-income students in Illinois, and 8 percent in Missouri have access to summer meal sites. According to the St. Louis Area Foodbank, even though schools are trying to help child hunger, the efforts aren’t really helping, which just comes to show that we need the leaders of our schools to work hard to feed hungry children.


2 thoughts on “Child Hunger: One of America’s Biggest Problems by Kobi

  1. Dear Kobi,
    I liked the topic you chose to write about and how you put many pictures to support what you were saying. I think that you should have talked about how in “Absolutely True Diary of A Part-Time Indian”, Junior and his family sometimes suffered from hunger, and how that tied into your topic. I learned some new things from reading your blog post. I didn’t know that some children didn’t have access to meals during the summer time and that they could only get a chance to eat when they are at school. You did a great job!
    Keep it up,


  2. Kobi,
    I enjoyed reading your blog post, it had some interesting facts and a lot of pictures to back them up. I also think that you could have added stuff about the book but it was still a great post that tought me lots of important tings that i was unaware about so thanks! You did an excellent job, keep up the good work.


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