Should Books be Banned? by Anya

The Great Gatsby is the most frequent classic book that has been banned.

No. Books should not be banned. The first amendment states “the United States prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise  of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of press, interfering with the right to peaceable assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a government redress of grievances”. The part that stands out to me is the right to speak freely, this means that anyone has a right to say what they feel. Many authors such as, Harper Lee, J.K. Rowling, William Golding and hundreds more, have had their books banned. I believe that all authors have a right to speak what they desire for their books. All authors have many great novels but parents feel the need to ban them, mostly because of foul language, racial issues, sexual situations, and, violence or negativity. Parents believe that they are doing the right thing by preventing their kids from reading these banned books.

Parents already feel the need to protect their child in every way possible. I feel that this is necessary, but only to an extent. They feel as if they are protecting their kids from books that don’t give a perfect message, so they ban them. I totally disagree with the way this has been handled. Kids have to learn about these topics sometime. These books can help them understand what is happening and why. I feel that books with foul language or violence can give them a lesson on how not to do such things. Books with racial comments will teach them how words and actions hurt a tremendous amount. Books about damaging lifestyles will help kids learn how fortunate they are. Any type of book can teach you a lesson, give you advice, or even tell you what to do and what not to do. I believe that books should not be banned for many reasons.


5 thoughts on “Should Books be Banned? by Anya

  1. While I rather enjoyed your post, I do have a few qualms. First, what does The Great Gatsby have to do with anything (Is it a commonly banned book? I’m a bit confused) Also, it (the post) seemed a bit repetitive at times.


  2. Anya,
    I really liked all the prof you had how books shouldn’t be banded. I agree with you that children will need to know about this at some point of their life’s, if they don’t then they will never know some of the issues people are going through. How you added the amendments in this way. It is true that we should speak our true voices. This was really good!
    – Julia


  3. Anya,
    I really enjoyed your banned books piece. It was very well written and you had a very strong voice/opinion on this topic. Do you think there is any exception when banning books? Do you think a kid might be too young to learn about a topic?



  4. Anya,

    This was very well thought out. Your first sentence really grabbed my attention. Also the points you were making made me refer to the picture. In this piece I noticed you are very strong and confident about you’re opinion. If you have another piece like this I recommended you read another banned book to further explain your thought. The structure was very well developed which helped me read easily. Nice work!


  5. Anya,
    Your post was really interesting, and I liked how you quoted the first amendment to reinforce your argument. I also really liked how you stayed very consistent throughout your argument. I was wondering do you think that there is age or time when children should be introduced to some tougher topics that are in some of the books that people want banned? Is it up to the parent(s)/guardian(s) to filter what the child gets exposed to, or the schools? This was really nicely written, nice job!



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