Stereotypes and Banning Books by Micah

Dear Mr. Sherman Alexie,


I would like to thank you for writing this book. I think it really opened my eyes and showed how bad some reservations really are. I changed me because that native americans had it all meaning they had successful casinos but I now realized that some do but most don’t.

I think it is extremely wrong to stereotype people by how they look. Eve-Image result for chief wahooryone does it even if they don’t mean to. We do to everybody like muslims must terrorists. Mexicans must be illegal. Black people are criminals. 


I really came to talk to you about why books should not be banned. I don’t books should be banned because they are kids they cannot be sheltered forever. They need to learn about bad things in the world so when they are older the new generation can fix these problems. Kids will learn about sex and racism when they are older so books like that identify with kids more anyways and if kids are like me then they will like books that identify with them and aren’t about things that they don’t care about. I also think that this book should not be banned because most kids nowadays talk like that anyway cursing out their best friends is what kids do to have fun sometimes.

In conclusion True Diary of A Part Time Indian teaches kids that relationships are not forever so make them count and you have to make a tough decision sometimes so it is up to you to make the decision. I also think that books that deal with topics like death and poverty and racism and bullying what do p
arents that try and ban books want us to read. I think that everyone should read this book because it gives everyone a great perspective on why american indians are in poverty,



8 thoughts on “Stereotypes and Banning Books by Micah

  1. I like how your opinions are very strong and can relate to many people. for suggestion, i think you should have added more key facts about banned books and stereotypes. How many books have been banned in 2015?

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  2. Dear Micah,
    I really liked how you related the novel to your life. It sounded very genuine. Do you think there should be any restrictions on the books children and teenagers read? One suggestion I have is to look over your writing before you post on your blog. Your mistakes were a little bit distracting to your message. Overall, I really liked your viewpoint on banned books.


  3. Dear Micah,
    I agree with your point about children not being sheltered forever. What do you think would be a good agreement between the committee that bans books and people who disagree with books being banned? One suggestion I have is to talk about the background of banning books. It would help the readers understanding of the topic banned books. Great Job!


  4. Micah.
    I love how you put in your opinion but still related back to the book. And I like how you put in sentences about really life like ” Kids will learn about sex and racism when they are older so books like that identify with kids more anyways … “. But when you were talking about the banned books try to give some examples of other banned books, and also give some background about the banned books and why they are banned.

    Your Classmate,



  5. Micah,
    This was a great blog post! I was very informed this post. I completly agree with what you said about banned books. I will say that that next time you should try to work on grammar and word order, so it makes more sense. I really enjoyed reading this and look forward to reading your next blog post!



  6. Micah,
    I really liked your blog post, it had pictures that go with what you said. I agree with your argument about the banned book issue, in fact i said a few things about it in my post to. There were a few grammatical errors but they were very minor so Good job! I cannot wait to read your ext post.


  7. Micah This was a very good post. I feel that your statement was really good how it showed that the children of this world cannot be protected forever. I also feel that even though some books deal with violence, alcoholics, drugs, sex, etc. they may have a good story line like true diary.


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