The Secret Story Behind Pocahontas by Dias

How are American-Indians depicted in the Disney movie Pocahontas? Throughout the years of movies American-Indians have been depicted as animals and monsters more than humans. Focusing on the Disney moving Pocahontas made in 1995, their depictions and thoughts on Indians are stereotypical in every way.

In this picture from the movie, Pocahontas’s father seems to have bear imprints on his chest and no shirt, Indians wear shirts and I have seen Indians with tattoos/paint but never bear claws.

In this picture an Indian has no shirt and is depicted as a savage, from reading books and watching documentaries Indians rarely do I see an Indian shirtless and Indian’s are very spiritual people, not savages.

In this picture it shows Indian’s surrounded by a spirit of a tiger, Indians are very spiritual and religious people but they are do not call or see spirits physically.

Another source for Pocahontas was the Official Disney Website .

My thoughts on the Indians depicted in the film are quite made more than understanding, I am very angry of how they depicted the Indians in the film with a monster look more than human, I’m also quite surprised of how the company Disney let the artists continue drawing the Indians of what they are not. If is even more insulting to see how Disney made another Pocahontas movie: Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World. There were not many complaints on how the Indians were depicted in this film, and from the complaints that were received to Disney most of them were Indians.

They ways the Indians are depicted in Pocahontas and a lot of these movies that are aimed at kids, are giving the kids a and young people the wrong message by saying and showing that Indians are either savages, monsters and/or crazy people that can see spirits. Others reason it is bothersome is the fact that none of the male Indians in the movie shirts on, and Indians wear clothes, I have only seen Indian shirtless in movies.


2 thoughts on “The Secret Story Behind Pocahontas by Dias

  1. Diaz,
    this is the first post Ive seen that mainly focuses on Pocahontas so good job on making things different. I liked how you stated what you think about the movie and i completely agree with you. I look forward to reading your future blog posts.
    Nic taylor


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