Finding Your Identity Through 5 Stages of Grief by Owen


9 thoughts on “Finding Your Identity Through 5 Stages of Grief by Owen

  1. I liked the pictures in your video. I thought that they helped the story. Sherman Alexie never said that the tribe forgave Junior though. I think that you could also mention some of the other messages of the book because I think there is not ONE true message in the book. Overall, I really liked your video!
    -Finale & Lily


  2. Owen,
    I really thought your video was helpful and informational. I wrote about the exact same thing and yet I was still learning new things like the fact that Sherman Alexie was most likely hinting the five stages in the book. I may be wrong, but I think Sherman Alexie was hinting the five stages pertaining to the losses Junior experienced; specifically deaths. Other than that, I found your video helpful!


  3. Owen,
    I ‘m just going to say up front that you made me laugh, which I didn’t expect from such a serious topic. It was a creative decision to make video, but it paid off. The only thing that could have made it better would have been more page numbers so that people could follow along better. Altogether, I really enjoyed your post.


  4. Owen,
    I really liked the way you set up this video as if it were a series. I suggest adding more explaining the stages for a bit longer than you did, but that’s just my opinion. Why did you think doing a video would be better than writing something out? I was connected to the parts when you said that it was obvious when Junior looked up grief in the dictionary and that Sherman Alexie was giving a hint out. Anyway, awesome video.

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  5. Owen,
    I think this video was great! I have heard people talking about the 5 stages of grief, but I never knew what they were. I think you did a great job of explaining them, and then going back and connecting to the book. I also think that making a video was a great idea, you had enough information in it but you also made it fairly short which kept me engaged. This was great, and I can’t wait to watch another on of you videos!


  6. Owen,

    That was great! I loved how you used humor and pictures to convey the message of the five stages of grief. if I had one suggestion, it would be that you could maybe go into more detail on some of the stages of grief. The descriptions for bargaining and acceptance were really good. But I thought that maybe the stages of Denial and Depression could have been explored a little more. Maybe about how the death of his family members affects his depression. Anyway, great video, and great information!



  7. Dear Owen,

    This video was so out of the box and different. I loved how you put creativity into your post. I never really knew what the 5 stages of grief were, and to be honest I wasn’t that interested in finding out. But watching your video made it a fun way to learn. I hope you make more!!



  8. Owen,
    This video was different then any of the other blogs. I like how you you broke down the 5 stages of grief. I wasn’t really interested in the 5 stages of grief until you made this video. And to be honest when Mrs. Gerber was talking about the 5 stages of grief I did NOT know what she was talking about and know I do. That’s for teaching something I would never learned if I didn’t watch this video. Hope you make more like this.



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