“No Pain No Gain” by Elijah

The Absolutely True Dairy of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie is about a boy named Junior who struggles with bullying and racism, etc.  Not to mention he’s has a couple disorders which makes it even harder’s for him in life.  Junior is an Indiana that lives on a Rez. with alcoholic and un stable people, but even though he has troubles in his life he still know how to have a laugh with his best friend Rowdy.

Question: How does the racism and stereotypes in the book effect Junior, do you think the racism made Junior stronger in the end.

I believe the racism and stereotypes in the book did make Junior stronger in the end.

In the in beginning of the book Junior is at the Rez. with his alcoholic family and his physically abused best friend, and basically it talks about how he has made it in the past 14 or so years, being bullied and dealing with the rez.  Later on in the book he got an opportunity to go to a different school and get a chance to have hope in the world. When I say hope I mean that he got a chance to get away from the alcohol and unstableness and lack of hope in his life and try to make it in the world and not be like his family that has zero to no money.  When he gets to his new school everything changes and you would think that it’s a positive change but it wasn’t and.  Reardan the racism, bullying, insecurity doubles and Junior gets stuck.

Racism- “Is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”  True Diary is a perfect example of racism. For example on page 63 it talks there’s a picture of Junior and what’s supposed to be the K.K.K. mocking Junior: 


Stereotypes- I a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. True Diary is also a perfect example of stereotypes that Junior goes through.  For example on page 56 it states: “Those white kids couldn’t believe their eyes. They stared at me like I was Bigfoot or a UFO. What was I doing at Reardan, whose mascot was an Indian, thereby making me the only other Indian in town?” Right below that is a picture of an Indian that’s bright red and has feathers on its head dress.

The next page is a picture of Junior and what supposed to be a white person the goes to his school and the stereotype his that all white people have money and expensive things.

In conclusion having to deal with racism
and stereotypes just like Junior did True Diary not only will make you stronger but will help other and yourself understand how much these thing affect us.  Me, as being an African American myself I connected fully to what Junior was going threw and I had complete empathy and sympathy for him. Personally I think everyone should go through a rough time in there life, no matter if its racism a loss, etc. Because without pain there’s no gain.

The True Dairy of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie


4 thoughts on ““No Pain No Gain” by Elijah

  1. Dear Elijah,
    I really enjoyed reading you viewpoint. I agree with what you said about racism making Junior a stronger person. The way you placed the pictures looked very nice with the word. Maybe next time check over for grammar to catch some small mistakes. Do you think that Junior would be a completely different person if he didn’t have to go through all the struggles? I think that the “no pain, no gain” motto can apply to a lot different situations in life. In school, if you want to do well, you have to study and work hard. Great job on this!



  2. Elijah,
    I really enjoyed reading what you thought about the book, and your opinion on racism. I like how you included a question, and answered it yourself. I also believe racism effected Junior a lot. I think it was a good idea to add in pictures to support what you are saying. I also liked how you added in your personal connection. Good Job!
    – Josie


  3. Elijah, Good job on formatting this, it is very well organized. I can strongly agree with you on your paragraph about racism. Your conclusion paragraph stuck out to me the most because of your connection with Junior, and you being an African American so you made a lot more connections. My question to you is why did you choose the title “No Pain No Gain”


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