Letter to Sherman Alexie by Matthew

Dear Sherman Alexie,

I recently read your book in my English class.  It was a real interesting book to read and changed my perspective on the Indian culture and how they live.  I, personally, don’t think that your book should be banned, because all teenagers should read this book to see how Indians actually live and so people don’t look at movies that make them look differently.  When books are band like this people don’t read them as much and don’t get to see what their culture is rally like and make assumptions.

When I first heard that I was reading A True Diary of a Part Time Indian I didn’t think that it would change how I think of Indians.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  My perspective has changed since I read this book. I used to think that on Indian reservations all Indians lived in the little tee pee houses.  I also thought that all Indians wore head dresses.  When reading this book I learned that you can’t make an assumption about something or someone before for you go and find out information.  As well as reading your book I also listened to it. I really liked how when you were reading the book you put lots of emotion into the book.

Your book had a big impact on me and how I look at the Indian community.  I now think of Indians as hard workers with big hearts. The hard workers comes from all the hard work they do to survive. The big hearts comes from when someone dies the whole community comes together to support each other. I have personally driven through a reservation in Arizona and I remember seeing a casino.  I had always wanted to figure out why there was a casino on an Indian reservation.  After reading your book I found out why casinos are so important to their culture to make money and survive.

I have a couple of question for you, was it harder to write your book considering you lived some of these things or was it easier.  What are the big noticeable differences that you noticed life on the rez and life off the rez. How was school different at beyond the rez beside the learning aspect?

My favorite part about reading your book is how you put great detail in the book. Most authors would have left out some of the deep detail you put into the book.  Having the extra detail helped me picture what it would be like if I were in your shoes.  Your book also helped me and probably others understand what it is like to grow up on a reservation and that there are several similar things between on a rez and off a rez.




7 thoughts on “Letter to Sherman Alexie by Matthew

  1. Matthew,
    Johnson and I read your blog post just now, we think you made a lot of good points. It is clear that you learned a lot from reading this book. But we noticed that you made a lot of spelling and grammar errors, your post was a little bit repetitive maybe you could go over your work and chose different words. Overall we liked your post a lot but we think you could have been more careful.


  2. Matthew,

    I really liked how you put in the audio book detail part. In the beggining you could have put the book title in. But I also liked how you put in your opinion about the book and how people will feel after they have read it. The best part was comparing and contrasting between on the rez and off the rez.


  3. Matthew

    I enjoyed reading your blog post, but there were many grammar errors. You put a 2 commas that don’t have to be there in the beginning and then there were little errors throughout the post. Your post has good information but some grammar mistakes.
    Leo, Peter


  4. Matthew,
    We liked how you said that you didn’t know much about Indians and you only knew things that were stereotypes. You made it clear that you didn’t really know much about Indians before reading this book, but you were open to learning new things. We loved how you talked about how Indians were hard workers with big hearts. We were wondering if you would ever consider going back to an Indian Reservation now that you know more about them. I think that throughout the paragraph there were a few spelling and grammar mistakes, but overall your piece was great!
    Grace and Tonny


  5. Matthew,
    I like how your opening paragraph really grabs the reader and pulls them in and makes them want to read more about you opinion on the book. But I think that your first sentence in your first paragraph needs a little work because the first paragraph is so well written that the first sentence needs to be to base with the rest of the paragraph.


  6. Dear Matthew,
    I really like your post and how you were honest about how you used to think of Indians. It really helped the post because I got to see how much the book changed you. You made grammar mistakes throughout the post though. Next time I would proof read a little bit more carefully before posting. I was wondering if reading this book will make you want to read more books about Indians on the Rez. Your post had a few grammar mistakes but overall I liked it very much.


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