Inside Thoughts Revealed by Anya


3 thoughts on “Inside Thoughts Revealed by Anya

  1. I loved your video! You used what we already knew and put a twist on it and that is great. The only thing that I thought was weird was that it was a little choppy for the transitions. Speaking wise and video to video. Over all this video was great and I can’t wait to see more!


  2. You’re video was really good. I really like how you were actively cooking the whole time. You cut and apple, and worked on soup. Also how you thought back and didn’t use the lights, and insted used a lamp. My only suggestion would to be to stop and pause more for the main points you were working to get across. I also liked how it was very easy to take what you were saying and always connect it back to the text. Did you choose Calpuria because of your idea of the setting being her cooking? I enjoyed watching your video overall you did a really good job.


  3. Dear Anya,
    I really liked you video, especially he voice over part and the way you got into the character (Calpurnia). However the video was a little choppy at times during the transitions. Over all though the video was great.



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