Heck Tate Monologue by Riley


2 thoughts on “Heck Tate Monologue by Riley

  1. Dear Riley,
    I loved your monologue! Your script was very well put together and you seemed very comfortable being Heck Tate. It was really cool to hear Heck Tate’s inner thoughts because the reader only knows him for being too scared to help Tom Robinson with all he could. It also liked how you read the novel and took it one step further, instead of picking a scene out of the novel. Your clothes also helped your scene. It helped whoever was watching to truly believe you were Heck Tate. I also liked how you did a different set up from most people and you were thinking outside the box by calling your mother. One small suggestion I have is to try and get rid of the white noise in the background, sometimes it became difficult to hear you. Overall your monologue was awesome and you should be very proud of it, great job!


  2. Riley,
    I really liked how you were talking on the phone and it made it seem really realistic. I just suggest that maybe you could be a little louder while your on the phone. Other than that you did really well!


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