The Truth of Dill by Owen


5 thoughts on “The Truth of Dill by Owen

  1. Owen,
    I really enjoyed the mood of this video! You were extremely confident as Dill with the fear of your parents that you portrayed. Next time, I would’ve liked to have seen your face towards the beginning just to see facial expressions. I love how you went under the bed and showed a scene that actually happens in the novel! How was acting as Dill fun for your own character?


  2. Owen,
    I enjoyed how you changed locations and had a mix between voiceover and talking it added more to the story. There was a clear beginning, middle, and end. I would have liked to see you talk about the journey from Meridian to Maycomb. How did you come up with the idea to use different locations?



  3. Owen,
    I thought it was really fun and creative how you changed locations throughout the monologue. I also liked how you talked about the relationship of Dill with Scout and Jem. It would have been fun to see your face more and see you act more because you are a really good actor. How did you think of the use of different locations and why did you choose those certain locations?



  4. Owen,
    I really liked how you changed location and the mixture of taking over, and then actually talking at the end. I also liked how you used locations to signify the parts of the story and talk about why they were important. Why did you use Dill in this way of showing different locations?

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  5. I thought that this was a really good monologue. I really liked how you did the voice over because I think that it is hard to do a voice over because you just don’t know what may happen next so I think you did a good job at that. Overall I think it was a really good monologue.


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