Every Last Word Book Jacket by Tyler

EveryLastWord Overview: Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone 

Junior in high school, Samantha McAllister is struggling with figuring out who she is. She may be on the swim team, have perfectly brushed hair, and flawless makeup but on the inside, she is completely lost. Sam struggles with uncontrollable dark thoughts due to her Purely-Obsessional OCD. The only people she can talk to about her OCD with are her family and the therapist she sees weekly. Sam has never thought about telling her friends about her OCD because she doesn’t want them to thinks she’s weird and she definitely doesn’t want to lose her spot in the popular group.

When Sam meets a girl named Caroline in which she automatically connects with, she keeps their friendship a secret due to Caroline’s social status. Caroline show’s Sam to a hidden part of school that they call the Poets Corner in which students who don’t “fit” in can be come together and be themselves. Sam immediately feels more comfortable with them than she has ever felt with her popular friends. She begins to discover a part of herself she didn’t think she had. Everything is going well for Sam until there is a new reason for her to question her identity.

About the Author

            Tamara Ireland Stone’s first job after college was being a public relations firm. Tamara was once a school teacher as well. She has always had a strong passion for journalism no matter how old she was. Tamara would come home from school and just write for 5 hours straight. Although she never planned on becoming an author because of the fear of others reading her work, she has now successfully written over 25 books. Every Last Word became the New York Time’s Bestseller. She based this story based off of a family friend who became diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Tamara wanted to learn more about this disorder and strived to relate and truly understand her.  Tamara is now happily living in California with her 2 children, her husband, and her job as a full-time journalist.



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