Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone Book Review by Mia

“Every Last Word” is an incredible book about what really goes on in some peoples life. It gives truth about how you may look at a kid and think there’s nothing wrong with their life but once they go home it could be a war. In this book you get to know Samantha McAllister, a typical popular girl. There’s only one thing, she’s not typical. She suffers from OCD and anxiety which makes life hard for her sometimes.

Tamara Ireland Stone (the author) does a great job of making these mental illnesses as true and real as she can. So many kids in the world suffer from mental disorders and illnesses. These disorders and illnesses can range from autism to depression or anxiety.

Throughout the book you see how Samantha changes when she’s with different friends. She becomes comfortable and even feels like she can share her secret about OCD and Anxiety to some of these new friends. Life is going great. At least until she finds out her best friend, Caroline, isn’t real and actually died. What makes this moment so great is the fact that this actually happens.

“Every Last Word” lets people understand what high schoolers and middle schoolers experience with drama. It also lets readers feel how Sam felt and experience her fears, excitements, loves, and tragedies.

If you were ever rude to someone it makes you regret it because it makes you think “There could be something going on in that person’s life that they don’t show.” Or if you are the person with the issue going on in your life, it shows you that you’re not the only one. There are other people out there in the world going through the same things as you. To me, that’s what makes this book so special and important. Anyone, no matter who they are can learn something from “Every Last Word” whether they’ll admit it or not.


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