Compound book review by: Matthew

Recently I read the book The Compound by S.A. Bodeen. I really liked the book and the author put lots of detail into the book.  One part I didn’t like was in some spots of the book I felt like the author could have sped up some parts instead of dragging them out. The main character in the book is Eli he had a twin brother that got locked out of the compound because he didn’t get there in time.  Eli also has a sister, Mom, and crazy Dad.   The book has great detail about the compound and the detail makes it very easy to picture what the compound would look like. Considering that the book doesn’t have a lot of action in the middle of the book it still keeps you interested on what will happen next. When reading the book you are always wanting to know what is going to happen to them down in the compound and are they going to survive.

After being in the compound for six years Eli figures out that there was no nuclear bomb that destroyed the area and that their dad is holding them hostage.  Around that same time he figures out that the internet works. Eli is starting to catch on to his dads plan and then figures out the code.  The part I don’t like about this is that I think that it is a little unrealistic that after six years he starts to realize this.  I don’t like this because if you were sitting in this compound for six years you would have a lot of time to think to yourself. Personally I think that he would have been smart enough to realize this.  The book also said that he had never been in to his Dads office until the one day he discovered the internet.  Which was around the six year mark of being in the compound which I find odd. I mean wouldn’t you want to explore the compound and want to see the whole thing.

After reading the first book of The Compound series I want to read the second one.  When reading this book it kept you guessing until the end and had an unexpected ending but was really good. The plot for the book was constructed really well and the book had lots of plot twists. I would defiantly recommend this book to any one and the book was a fairly easy read.  Yet good for young and older people.  If I had to rate this book I would give it a four out of five stars.