Banning Books: Why It’s Wrong by Anna

Books should not be banned from middle school libraries just because some people think that children shouldn’t be reading them. First off, books are banned from children for reasons that are (usually) ridiculous. LaRue, in the article that he published, he states for example, books that mentioned Muslim culture promoted terrorism, so they were banned from kids, thus not letting them learn about a major religion in their world. In that same article, LaRue says that books are banned because they have LGBTQ content in them, as if not being heterosexual was wrong. Also, book banning takes away from the learning of children and denies the perspectives of people all around the world.

 A Time Magazine article says that book banning is for close-minded people, because they don’t choose to expand their knowledge or learn about other points of view. The magazine article also mentions that more diverse books aren’t available to kids, so they’re stuck with a small spectrum of books they can actually read. Lastly, book banning isn’t right because children and their parents should be responsible for choosing what books they want to read. This is talked about in Dav Pilkey’s short video on his book, and how he feels about it being banned; he states that it’s not fair for it to be banned from libraries, and it should be a choice for families if they want to read it or not. In my opinion, I completely agree with him, because I feel like a lot of parents want their kids to be curious and innovative; not close minded and restricted of knowledge. To conclude, I think that books shouldn’t be banned from kids because it withholds information about the world they live in, and limits their exposure to different viewpoints.


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