Book Banning By Zoe

 People ban books for many different reasons but to achieve one goal, keep people from reading the book. Book banning is fundamentally wrong and shouldn’t be legal Banning books violates everyone’s rights as American citizens. By banning books, you prevent the authors from expressing themselves which is a direct violation of their 1st amendment rights. Censorship is not an excuse for preventing someone from expressing themselves through whatever medium they choose. Banning books especially Y.A books prevents teens from forming their own opinion. Books are a gateway to knowledge. By time kids are 5 or 6 they can read. When you read things you can learn about the world and form your own opinions. That thought can scare a lot of parents. Exposing to unconventional ways of thinking might not be what they want for their kids.  Differences of opinions can turn a lot of parents off from controversial books. Not only is banning books unconstitutional but is also unjust The books that get banned are typically written by minorities or by are about minority culture such as certain religions. By banning books that have to do with diverse ideas people are only narrowing their world view. Instead of banning books people should just stop reading books they find offensive or are too prude to read.



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