Rules Autism Paragraph by Alec

Cynthia Lord uses many different character types in Rules. One part is having David and Jason, two autistic kids, be so different. For example, David starts to scream because he might not get to go to the music store. Jason, on the other hand, gets mad when he doesn’t have his wheelchair in a picture, and when Catherine won’t take him to the dance. Another point is Catherine wants to be friends with her new neighbor, Kristi, but she realizes that while she seems nice, looks can be deceiving. One example is when Catherine is on a walk with Jason, she passes by Kristi and ‘ties her shoe’ so she can hide herself; what she overhears, though, kind of sounds a little mean and cynical to Jason. Another example is once Kristi finally meets Jason, she seems quite shocked and its kind of like she doesn’t want to be friends with Catherine. Finally, Ryan is the main antagonist, when he wasn’t even a main or necessary character. First of all, when everyone else gets a stick of gum, he gives David an empty wrapper, even when Ryan knew David was autistic. Also, throughout the book, Catherine keeps referencing her hatred towards Ryan. Throughout the book, the author uses a wide variety of characters to prove different points.


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