Autism By Francisco

By learning about the experiences of autistic people, we can build more respect for them. First of all just because some people are non-verbal does not mean they are not intelligent. For example, people make fun of them because some of them can speak properly. Also, they can’t do the same things as other people so they are bullied for not being able to do things like sports. Autistic people do not pick up all the life skills right away but are capable if given the right structure. They know a lot of stuff but they can’t show it so they have to go to a special school. And because If they go to a normal school they won’t be able to keep up  with everything they do and they don’t get homework at the special school. They understand their siblings more and have like a secret language and love each other. Like, some people with autism can’t walk so that’s one then some people can barely move but there are some that are able to like play basketball. At their special school they don’t have P.E. or don’t do exercise but they usually take field trips to stores so they can learn how to get a job and do it. So they aren’t the same but they can do so much more than we can’t do so they are more intelligent than you in a different way.


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