Autism By: Joshua

Have you ever experienced life with an autistic family member? I have not but in the book Rules a girl named Catherine does. Catherine lives with her autistic brother and does not enjoy it. On some levels, I would agree with Catherine but on the dislike, I do not agree. Recently we were lucky enough get the point of view from an autistic person her name was Rosie King. At the begging she talked about her experiences, and what it was like to be autistic. But she also talked about all of the upsides as well, and it opened my mind a lot and flooded my brain with thoughts. On the other hand, we heard from Grace Bourne, she has an autistic brother and does not agree with Catherine. Grace talked about how awesome her brother was and all of the amazing things he did. She also talked about some of the scarier times as well which was interesting to hear from her point of view.  To conclude, I would like to say do not judge people from the outside, become there friend and get to know them no matter what.


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