Autism By Logan

Having a sibling with autism greatly effects the family. First Catherine always has to take care of David for her parents. She always feels embarrassed around other people when David is acting up.  Catherine is embarrassed by David when he is  screaming about his dad being late. Also Catherine doesn’t really want to be around David sometimes. Second, David effects the parents, it’s very hard for them to take care of him. Mom has to stay home with David, now the dad has to work more to get more money. The mom is always pushing David and making Catherine take care of him. Third, Catherine is always making rules for David so he can be more normal.

Catherine makes rules for David so he seems more normal to her friends. She thinks the rules with make him less embarrassing for her. In addition She makes him a new rule every time he does something she doesn’t like. Adding more and more rules makes is hard for him all to remember. All families go through stress, but it’s difficult kind of stress for them.




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