Autism By Shelby

Having a sibling with Autism can be difficult. Cathrine always wished she had a normal brother. On page 61 she talks about how everyone expects a tiny bit from him and a whole lot from her. Another example is Grace’s presentation she said that she gets “Embarrassed” when her brother has tantrums out in public. Another example is Cathrine is waning to make her brother “Normal” by giving him rules. Example number one is how one of the rules she has is, “Take your shoes off at the doctor, not the dentist” Also in Grace’s presentation she talks about how she tries to make him normal, by teaching him how to do normal stuff, like Pokémon GO. I feel like people with Autism can get excluded. In Rosey Kings presentations she talked about how people were mean and excluded her. In the story movement, her family wanted to change her by fixing her even though it could take away her uniqueness and her skills. Even though having a sibling with autism can be hard they are family and will always be a part of your family.



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