Banned Books? by Gerald

Books should not be banned in libraries and middle schools. First off, parents can establish rules at home. My parents have established rules at home, and I’m sure other parents have. My parents let me watch advanced movies for my age, so they also let me read advanced books. Secondly, it’s really unfair to teens who like advanced books or books such as Captain Underpants. Next, we have a democracy. We have freedom to read what we want. I feel like the option should always be there for us. Like I said earlier, I’m sure parents have established rules and if they don’t want us to read certain types of books they would let us know. And even at schools, teachers can tell their students to stay away from certain books. Lastly, we could have a variety of options and can find ourselves and find what we like. Our vocabulary and knowledge on real world situations will increase and we can learn how to challenge ourselves. And some kids might not like a certain genre that’s on their age level. If books weren’t banned, that would prevent this problem.


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