Banned Books By: Joshua

I do not agree with the banning of books. As a current middle school student, I don’t agree with the banning of reading material. Anyone should be able to read whatever they want no matter what because this is a free country which allows us to read what we want. There is nothing wrong with liking a book that other people don’t agree with. I feel now a day people have a diverse perspective on a lot of things and books is one of them, but it’s not ok to take that and put it on everyone else. For example, when a mother doesn’t like a book and tells all the teachers and parents and tries to get it taken out. But really that only involves her and her child, and those other parents might not care if their child reads that. On the other hand, parents and teachers are just looking out for us and want the best for us. For instance, a book includes language, narcotics and violence and a parent and child don’t want to read that. That is the right time to remove it from your surroundings or your home but nobody else’s because everyone has different standards. To conclude, I would say that everyone has their own opinion and should just help their family first. Instead of taking their personal issues to other people.


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