Book Banning by Alec

People banning books has become an increasing issue in our country and it needs to be stopped. One reason is that a few people shouldn’t be able to control everybody’s choices. Parents have a right to censor books for their kids, not all of America. Also, people have a right to a freedom of choice for books in America. Another reason is the banning books limits diversity in books and is actually detrimental to learning. Kids in school won’t be able to learn subjects like colonial America, terrorism, and books about war. Also, many people use books to learn about subjects, so they won’t even have a basic understanding for a certain topic that is being mentioned. A third reason is that many people prefer to read about an uncomfortable subject rather than being told by someone. For example, lots of people don’t like to talk about terrorism, and they’d much rather read a book. People that do prefer to read about won’t have that option if we ban books about or that even mention terrorism and other controversial subjects. In conclusion, just a few people shouldn’t be able to ban books for all because it limits diversity, choices, and actually promotes unfairness and fear.


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