Book Banning by Eden

Personally, I love books that involve a lot of real life situations, and considering I cannot read that at school angers me. I feel like younger children should know this, considering that they read about it online. For example, there is a quote I use every day that is, “At this moment, there is a child holding a book and a child holding a gun, but only one of them is banned for its use of the n word.”. Children can have guns, but not books? Second example is how without these books in the middle school environment, they are living in a fantasy. An example is, is how without books in their lives, all they will know is their phone or laptop or television. Why can children have violent games and be influenced by bad people online, but not read a bad word in a book?  Lastly, going off of this topic, is how without books, all children will know is their electronics. An example is, is how 2nd graders now have phones and laptops. To close off, a question I have you think about is why can children do this violence, and it is influenced by their electronics, but the government thinks its books that they are reading, faults?


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