Why Aren’t Differences Embraced? by Anna

It seems that in our society today, we try so hard to change people that we consider “different.” First of all, people with differences are constantly alienated and avoided because nobody wants to leave their comfort zone. For instance in the short story “Movement,” Hannah’s parents want to give an operation to their own daughter so they can treat her autism, even if it means Hannah will lose her gifts. Also, in the speech by Rosie King, she mentions how nobody wanted to be friends with the autistic girl, and she was avoided. Along with that, people with disabilities possess certain traits or gifts that are unique to them.

For example, in the story “Movement,” Hannah has the ability to memorize facts and numbers effortlessly, and dance beautifully, like no other. Additionally, in Rosie King’s speech, she mentions her extremely vivid imagination, and how she can find herself in many different worlds at the same time. Finally, if people were more accepting, they could build very strong friendships with others, and understand how their brain works. In the book Rules, Catherine makes the decision to befriend Jason, a boy with disabilities; and she ends up building a strong and true friendship with him. Also, in the article Neurotribes, Hans Asperger gave a group of autistic kids a chance, only to find out that they had a brilliantly different way of thinking and understanding. In conclusion, I believe that people should definitely try going outside their comfort zones, and exploring the minds and personalities of those considered “different.”


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