why we should not ban books (Annabelle)

As a middle scholar who loves to read I believe books should not be banned, I think anyone should be able to read anything  as long as they can understand and handle the content. Also if you don’t want your kid to read something go over it with them and talk about what you want for them as a reader. For example some Muslim books have been banned because people think it promotes tsarism.  Not everything is perfect in the world we live in, I believe story’s about real life’s help students learn about the world through other peoples experiences. Some of the other reasons people have banded books are because they have violence, a political bias another one is presence of witchcraft, harry potter by J. K. Rowling is one of the most popular books in America but did you know it used to be banned. Instead of banning books people should chose the things they want their kids to read but leave them for those who do want to read them.




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