Something Greater by Anna


7 thoughts on “Something Greater by Anna

  1. I really enjoyed your background music along with your voice narration. I really enjoyed the black and white theme, it added a nice touch to your monologue. I really felt like your voice was nice and clear, very well spoken.


  2. Dear Anna,
    The music you added in the background really enhanced your entire video. I also liked that your didn’t feel the need to play a girl character just because you are a girl. Your overall presentation looked very professional.



  3. Dear Anna,
    I love your accent and the the way you spoke was so clear. I liked that you added the black and white theme, it made it really seem like it was in the 30’s. I also liked the editing that you added to your monologue it made it crisp and clear.



  4. Your camera work was excellent! It captured the mood of the video. In the introduction, it wasn’t clear who your monologue was about. Anyways, the script was well-written, and fit the character and the time period. 11/10 Would Watch Again.


  5. Anna, great job overall on this. The black background really makes this a lot more dramatic as well as the music. The set is absolutely amazing and really looks like the type of windowsill that Boo would sit at. I absolutely love the camera work you had and the amazing editing. Again, overall amazing job!


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