About Us


Welcome to our Whitfield School English 8 blogs!

We hope that you enjoy our work. It is based on a rich variety of literature that we read and discuss in class, as well as our experiences and connections to the world around us. It reflects our thoughts, connections, and inspirations.

Our posts cover a range of genres, including: poems, reflections, literary analysis, non-fiction pieces, reviews, comic strips, personal narratives, graphic novels, videos, and relevant real world content. Some of our posts are written by individual authors. Others are the results of peer collaboration.

Along the way, we wrestle with big ideas and strive to answer the following Essential Questions:
* What are the roles of family and peers in the development of identity?
* Why do we stereotype groups, peoples, or cultures?
* How does our perception of ourselves affect our perception of others?
* How does an individual connect with an audience?

Please, visit often and join the discussion by submitting a comment.


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