Forfeit Your Soul by Logan


In the book “American Born Chinses” by Gene Luen Yang the herbalist wife says “It’s easy to become anything you wish, so long as you’re willing to forfeit your soul.” She said this to really make Jin think about who he is. First, she means that if you want something you have to put everything into it. If you really love something and you want it then you aren’t just going to have it handed to you, you have to work for it. Also I Don’t think it’s wrong to get something you want if you’re working hard for it. Second, by working hard for what you want it can change the way you see things. You might give up your soul for fame, money, or love. Or maybe you would give it up for something you love doing. Also in the book we see over and over that Jin wants to forfeit his soul to be cool. All Jin wants is to be an all American White boy, and it seems like he would do anything to have it. That’s something he would forfeit is soul for. I wouldn’t forfeit my soul for anything because if love who I am too much and already have everything I could need. I think that Jin needed to see that he shouldn’t just give up who he is so easily. He needed to see that being popular isn’t all that matters. Third, we as readers see how much Jin changes throughout the book. We also se how much wanting something and giving up who you are for it can effect a person. Latter in the book Jin sees who he really is and that he shouldn’t forfeit his soul for something that doesn’t really matter.


Banning Books by Logan

Some people think that certain types of books should be banned for different reasons, however they would be wrong. When people ban a book it creates hate. We live in a very diverse world where we need to understand all types of people. Banning books takes away from the diversity. Another reason is that in a democracy people should not be allowed to make individual choices for all. If parents don’t want their kids to read that book then they should keep the books away from their kids, not the world. If schools don’t agree with a book then they should take them out of their library’s, or tell the kids what books to read. Banning Books limits the range of books, diverse voices, and variety of experiences. If we keep banning books then there will only be one type of book left to read. Everyone likes different types of books; we need a variety of books. If we ban books for one bad thing then there won’t be much left to read. Instead of banning books people should just stop reading books they don’t agree with. We shouldn’t ban books because everyone has the right to read whatever they want.


Autism By Logan

Having a sibling with autism greatly effects the family. First Catherine always has to take care of David for her parents. She always feels embarrassed around other people when David is acting up.  Catherine is embarrassed by David when he is  screaming about his dad being late. Also Catherine doesn’t really want to be around David sometimes. Second, David effects the parents, it’s very hard for them to take care of him. Mom has to stay home with David, now the dad has to work more to get more money. The mom is always pushing David and making Catherine take care of him. Third, Catherine is always making rules for David so he can be more normal.

Catherine makes rules for David so he seems more normal to her friends. She thinks the rules with make him less embarrassing for her. In addition She makes him a new rule every time he does something she doesn’t like. Adding more and more rules makes is hard for him all to remember. All families go through stress, but it’s difficult kind of stress for them.